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Your First Job Search: It’s Not Too Late!

As the new year begins, many college seniors may have “find a job” on their list of resolutions. At Educator’s Ally, we work with educators at every stage of their career, from senior administrators to college students looking for their first teaching position. The independent school hiring season is just beginning, so it is not too late to begin a job search!

EA team members at a recruiting event at Williams College.

If you are someone who has always enjoyed working with kids, whether that’s as a camp counselor, babysitter, coach, or tutor, teaching may be the career for you. Many private schools have specific teacher training programs for first-year teachers where you work closely with experienced educators and receive mentoring and professional development. Often called Teaching Fellows or Assistant Teachers, these positions are full-time, paid opportunities, and are a great way to develop your skills in the classroom. Whether you’re interested in teaching at the elementary, middle, or high school level, Assistant Teacher programs exist at all grade levels, in both boarding and day school environments. Some schools will even provide housing or graduate school stipends for their Teaching Fellows!

Every school structures their program differently, so let an EA Placement Manager help you navigate the landscape of independent school hiring. Your Placement Manager will also help you with your application and advise you throughout every step of the job search from writing a cover letter to how to ace an interview.

Private schools do not require teachers to hold certification, nor do you have to be an education major. Schools are looking for an enthusiasm for working with kids, as well as a willingness to pitch in outside of the classroom, whether that is coaching, residential life, or the arts. If you’re curious about pursuing entry-level teaching jobs, send us your resume here to get the conversation started.

If finding an elementary school teaching job is your focus, read our blog post titled, Breaking In: Finding an Entry Level Elementary Teaching Position.


Educator’s Ally is a highly personalized placement agency that connects teachers and administrators with independent day and boarding schools. With New York roots and a national reach, EA’s dedicated approach to recruiting has been valued by schools and candidates alike since 1975.

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