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Why Use Educator’s Ally?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is, “why should I use a placement agency like EA in my job search?”.  Read below to find out how EA’s approach to helping you find a great teaching job in an independent school is different.

Whether you’re a college senior or a senior administrator, EA promises to:

  1. Provide highly personalized support, thoughtful guidance, and insightful counsel to help you navigate the independent school search process

  2. Use our longstanding and trusted relationships with independent schools to connect you with targeted opportunities

  3. Share our unique perspective and in-depth knowledge of the independent school landscape

  4. Consult and strategize on your long-term career goals

  5. Listen to you, respect your wishes, and protect your confidentiality

  6. Think outside the box to present opportunities that you may not have thought of otherwise

  7. Offer feedback on resumes, cover letters, and other documents

  8. Refer you to job openings that have not yet gone public

  9. Highlight your strengths and experiences to the administrators overseeing each search

  10. Provide you with insights and suggestions before interviews

  11. Check-in with administrators on your behalf and advocate for your candidacy

  12. Update schools on your timeline and status, including other offers and contract deadlines

  13. Answer your questions and serve as a sounding board throughout your search

  14. Coach you through how to negotiate a successful job offer

  15. Celebrate your successes

  16. Be your trusted ally throughout your career

Want to experience the EA difference?  Apply now!


Educator’s Ally is a highly personalized placement agency that connects teachers and administrators with independent day and boarding schools nationwide. Since 1975, EA’s dedicated approach to recruiting has been valued by schools and candidates alike.

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