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Understanding the Seasonality of Independent School Hiring

Here at

Educator’s Ally, we work with educators on all different timelines and at all different points in their careers. Whether you’re brand new to the field, or highly experienced and exploring leadership opportunities in schools, EA is prepared to support searches of all kinds.

Depending on the type of position you’re seeking (teaching, administration, admissions, development), there are varying timelines for conducting a job search. Being informed about these timelines can make the difference between a successful search and one that will leave you scratching your head about what went wrong. What follows are some guidelines as concerns exploring opportunities in teaching. Hopefully, this will be helpful as you consider launching a search.


If you’re a classroom teacher or hoping to become one, the fall is a great time to reach out to EA to get the conversation started. Perhaps you’ve made a decision to relocate to a different part of the country at the end of the school year and know you’ll be in the market for a new job. Or it may be that over the summer you’ve come to the realization that you’re ready for a larger role or that you’d benefit from moving to a new and different school community. Whatever the reason, getting a jump on your job search in the fall gives candidates and EA placement managers plenty of time to look at a job search from many angles. Candidates can fine tune documents like personal statements and cover letters to ensure that their file shows them in the best possible light. And while the bulk of our schools’ teaching needs are identified during the winter months, there are inevitably openings posted in the fall and being ready to go with your search at that time gives you an obvious advantage.


As the hiring season kicks into high gear during the winter months, schools gain a clearer understanding of their needs and move fast to schedule on campus interviews and demo lessons. Hires begin to be made in high volume, resulting in additional openings at other schools. It’s a busy time so fasten your seatbelts!


The fast pace continues well into the spring and early summer as schools look to finish up their hiring.


Summer is a great time to connect with your EA placement manager to discuss ways in which your file can be strengthened. Take advantage of our expertise in recommending professional development opportunities and curriculum work that may bolster your resume further for the next hiring season. Last minute needs always arise at our schools so if you’re not under contract this can be a fantastic time to find your dream job!

Ready to reach out to start carving out your own job search? Apply here now to see how EA can help.

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