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Tips on How to Find Your Dream Teaching Job

With the 2018 independent school hiring season fast approaching, the EA Team wants to make sure you feel as prepared as possible for the opportunities ahead.

Here are some steps to take to begin a successful job search in independent schools:

  1. Update your resume.

  2. Don’t procrastinate, do it! Be sure to add any new responsibilities and titles you’ve assumed, as well as any professional development opportunities you’ve taken advantage of since your last search.

  3. Use bullet points. School administrators are busy, and you want your experience to stand out at a quick glance. More details can be filled in in a cover letter or in an interview.

  4. Keep your resume simple in terms of font, design, and formatting.

  1. Think about what the next step looks like.

  2. Why are you searching? What does your dream job look like? Are you open to relocating? Thinking about these questions ahead of time will help focus the goals of your search and ensure you end up in a place that’s right for you.

  3. Get in touch with Educator’s Ally.

  4. To get the conversation started, apply here with your updated resume.

  5. Why work with EA?

  6. We support our candidates throughout every step of the search process. From proofreading cover letters, to providing interview tips, to negotiating an offer, to resume feedback, we’re here for you.

  7. Our services are free for job seekers!

  8. We know our schools and what makes each one unique. With that knowledge, we work hard to find our candidates the perfect job at the right independent school. To get a feel for the EA difference, read some testimonials below from candidates and administrators who’ve worked with us.

Want more help on how to conduct your search? Read our other blog posts, Tips for a Successful Private School Job Search Part 1 and Part 2.


Educator’s Ally is a highly personalized placement agency that connects teachers and administrators with independent day and boarding schools. With New York roots and a national reach, EA’s dedicated approach to recruiting has been valued by schools and candidates alike since 1975.

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