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Tips for a Successful Private School Job Search: Part II

What to Remember When You’re Visiting Campus & Teaching A Demo Lesson


Earlier this month, we relayed some helpful tips on how to succeed during the early stages of your search for private school jobs. After acing the initial interview, the school has now asked you to visit campus to conduct a demo lesson – way to go! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you move forward in the interview process and have the opportunity to showcase your skills as a teacher to potential employers.

  1. Tailor your demo lesson. While preparing your demo lesson, the first thing to remember is to be thoughtful about the classroom you are visiting. Think about both practical things such as necessary materials, the number of students you will be working with, and SmartBoard access as well as how you will adapt your lesson based on the varying abilities of students in the classroom. Ask your contact ahead of your lesson if there are any materials you will need to bring or if any students have particular needs. Asking these insightful questions ahead of time will show that you are a thoughtful and well-prepared teacher.

  2. Be interactive. Be sure to get the students involved in your lesson – just because you’re demonstrating your teaching doesn’t mean you should do all the talking. Being able to engage the students you are teaching is a positive in any school, especially in independent schools where many classes focus on lively discussions and inquiry-based learning.

  3. Have a backup plan. As a teacher, you know that lessons don’t always go according to plan. Be flexible and ready to cut a lesson short or extend it if necessary to show strong time management. Just as importantly, have a backup plan in case your original lesson does not work out.

  4. Follow up with a thank you email after your interview. Always make sure to follow up with a personal email thanking the school administrator(s) you met with for their time, and reiterating your interest in the position and the school. Not following up will knock you out of a search. Keep your contact at Educator’s Ally informed of your progress and be in touch with any follow-up questions.

  5. Be yourself! You’ve gotten this far; now all you have to do is prove you can do the work. Take a deep breath, have fun, and be yourself. And always feel free to reach out to your Placement Manager with any questions.

Educator’s Ally, a teacher recruitment agency, provides a highly personalized service for candidates looking for teaching and administration positions in independent schools. If you’d like advice throughout your job search, starting with how to get your resume to stand out, to teaching the best demo lesson, to finally negotiating job offers, contact EA today.

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