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The Independent School Job Search: When Should I Start?


As the school year is underway, you may find yourself thinking about the next step in your career. Are you currently teaching in a private school and looking for a new community or do you want to make the move into Administration, Admissions, or Development? Are you a college senior wondering about what to do after you graduate? Believe it or not, the fall is not too early to start thinking about your job search in private schools. While the height of the independent school hiring season generally runs from February through May, the fall is a great time to start thinking about what you are looking for in your next position and editing your resume and other materials. Whether you’re looking for entry level teaching jobs or are an experienced educator, Educator’s Ally can help with every step of your job search from writing cover letters to resume help to general career guidance. Apply now to get the conversation started with one of our Placement Managers.

For more information on the timeline of the independent school hiring process throughout the year, check out our previous blog on the subject.

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