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School Counselor 101


Do you know the difference between a public school Counselor and a private school Counselor? In the work that we do connecting Counselors with opportunities in independent schools, oftentimes we find that candidates are confused about this issue – not surprisingly as the role of a Counselor differs markedly in these two different school settings. Let’s get you up to speed. In both private and public schools, a Counselor consults with administrators, faculty, students, and parents about developmental, behavioral, and emotional issues that affect the progress of students and the well being of the community.  A hugely important job!  Here’s the catch, a public school Counselor also takes on the responsibilities of a College Counselor, working with students in the latter half of their high school years as they navigate the college process.  On the contrary, private schools have a totally separate College Counseling Office, overseen by a Director and staffed by College Counselors whose sole mission is to support juniors and seniors through the often stressful college process.  Surely you can imagine how helpful this dedicated resource is for students and their parents as they encounter the challenges of standardized testing, college essays and applications.  Short and sweet, public school counselors and private school counselors are different types of positions. So which is right for you? Check out this short video that highlights the private school counseling experience from a student’s perspective.

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