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Race, Equity and Leadership in Schools

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A little over a year ago, Cate Gardner, Associate Director of PreK-12 Programs at Harvard Graduate School of Education, had an idea for “a professional learning institute for school leaders and educators based on a growing need in the field.” This week, the idea became a reality as Harvard’s Graduate School of Education launched the application to their new program institute “Race, Equity and Leadership in Schools.” 

Well done, Cate, and congratulations on creating a program that will most certainly have a lasting impact on the way educators teach and how students learn on these important topics.

At Educator’s Ally, we are dedicated to helping our schools build diverse faculties that mirror their student bodies.  As proud sponsors of NAIS’s People of Color Conference, we value the work being done to increase awareness on these topics. Will you be at PoCC this December in Atlanta? If so, we’d love to connect!

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