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Norman Doors: “The Tyranny of Bad Doors Must End”

Do you know what “Norman Doors” are? We didn’t either but now we can’t stop seeing them every day and everywhere!

We had the pleasure of sitting in on a session led by Jed Dioguardi, Director of Information Technology, at Hackley School on “A Design Approach to Problem Solving in Project-Based Learning” at the ATLIS (Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools) Conference this week. The session introduced us to Don Norman’s idea of human-centered design and his book The Design of Everyday Things.

Check out this fascinating and hilarious 5-minute video by Vox Media about Norman Doors and let us know how many you have in your office (we have 4!). Then, as Jed did with his students at Hackley, let your class test their discoverability skills and see how many Norman Doors, or other poorly designed items, are on your campus.

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