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Learning by Doing: The Maker Space Movement


As we visit schools throughout the year, meeting with administrators about their hiring needs and new initiatives, we come away with invaluable knowledge about the types of skills that make candidates most appealing for private school jobs. One trend in schools is the addition, or hopes for the addition, of “maker spaces.” For the unenlightened (and as cutting edge as this initiative is there are lots of us!), a “maker space” is a designated area, used across disciplines and curriculum, for putting things together, taking them apart and just generally tinkering in an open-ended format. Coined by the New York Times in a recent article as the modern-day woodshop, schools are dedicating both time and resources to promote students working with their hands, creating, deconstructing and ultimately, learning by doing (‘DIY’ is shorthand for this type of learning). Using precious resources, and in many cases precious space (particularly in our New York City schools!), the use of the “maker space” is considered an important way to prepare students for the challenges of the world they will ultimately graduate into one day.

Do you have what it takes to help foster the next generation of great inventors and entrepreneurs? Reach out to Educator’s Ally today to learn more about how we might be of help to you!

Interested in creating a “maker space” in your own school? Read this article Designing a School Makerspace by Edutopia to get started.

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