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Kids Who Code


It can often surprise older generations when they see just how facile young children are with technology. But anyone with a two year old can attest to just how quickly they can grab your phone, unlock it, and find the pictures or games for which they are searching. Heck, my own kids knew how to ask Siri where the nearest Baskin Robbins was by they time they were three. So it’s not too surprising that Computer Science curriculum trends are reaching even the youngest learners: preschoolers!

KIBO, a robotic kit that does not require any computer or screen time, and Turtle Art, computer software that allows children to sequence by snapping “blocks” together, are amongst the most popular computer science programs designed for children ages 4-7. Another popular program, Scratch Jr., enables children to learn introductory programming language through interactive games and stories. Many educators like Scratch Jr. as it emphasizes creating narrative as opposed to consuming content already created by others.

Is this movement here to stay or just a fad? To find your answer, check out this article from a recent issue of The Economist that focuses on the growing movement to introduce computer literacy instruction at an early age.

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