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Getting In: Admissions and the Private School World

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While there are many differences between independent and public schools, one of the biggest is the existence of an admissions office. In order to attend a private school, be it a boarding school such as Lawrenceville or Taft or a Pre-K-12 school like Greenwich Academy or Dalton, students need to apply and be accepted, and managing that process is the realm of admissions counselors. The independent school admissions process is cyclical in nature and admissions offices are often active even during school breaks and summers. Admissions counselors are responsible for interviewing students, reading applications, allocating financial aid, and ultimately deciding which students will be the best fit for their institution. They are also in charge of promoting the school and attracting students to visit campus. For more insight into how admission committees work and make their decisions, click here to check out this article.

First and foremost, a successful admissions counselor needs to have excellent communication skills and enjoy meeting new people. Experience in marketing and event planning is often important, as is an ability to interpret data and manage budgets (enrollment management and financial aid are important aspects of admissions work). In addition to teacher placement, Educator’s Ally also helps administrators and other faculty find jobs in independent schools, so if this combination of skills sound like you, and you’re interested in working in admissions, or are currently an admissions associate looking for your next step, Educator’s Ally would love to help you with your search! Click here to begin.

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