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Game-Based Lessons Make Learning Fun

Using technology and game-based learning in the classroom can be an exciting and useful way to get students involved.

In our recent conversations with teachers, foreign language teachers in particular, we’ve heard that Kahoot! has been an effective tool for review and test preparation. Kahoot! is a free, downloadable, game-based learning and trivia platform that “brings fun into learning, for any subject, for all ages.”

Here’s how it works. Teachers upload questions to the platform, which are then displayed on students’ screens (computer, tablet, or smartphone) where they can view the questions and select the correct answers before the time runs out. The results are displayed on a shared screen in real time. Why is this helpful? As a representative from Kahoot! explains, “It creates a ‘campfire moment’ encouraging players to look up and celebrate together.” Students enjoy a sense of inclusivity and teamwork as they work together to find the correct answer. In the process, their skills in the areas of sharing, problem-solving, and blended learning improve.

Here is an example of how a Spanish Teacher uses Kahoot! in her classroom and why it works for her class.

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