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Educator’s Ally and Boarding School Recruiting

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In the work we do here at Educator’s Ally, we are constantly impressed by the varying approaches to learning taking place within the category of “independent schools.” Day and boarding, single sex and coed, K-8’s and K-12’s, schools come in all shapes and sizes but they’re united by a common theme of commitment to their students. We’re privileged to connect these schools with educators who share their passion for best practices.

Focusing for a moment on one type of school, we are fortunate enough to work with some of the best boarding schools in the country, and this is work that we enjoy immensely. Boarding schools are invigorating places that take on the task of not only offering a top level academic program, but also providing a home away from home for the majority of their students during a critical time in their adolescent lives. It takes a special type of educator, truly committed to the whole child, to succeed in a boarding school environment. These teachers are witness to students’ successes and shortcomings on a test, wins and losses during the big game, and standing ovations or forgotten lines during a theatrical performance. And as they return home to their dorms each night, readying themselves for the responsibilities that await, they see their students returning to their dorms as well, beaming with joy or sulking in defeat. What we hear time and again from the faculty at these great schools is that while the days are long, and the commitment real, the rewards are without measure.

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