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Development Professionals: Why Independent Schools Are Actively Hiring Them


The culture of philanthropy in independent schools is at once remarkable and essential. It is because of the generosity of alumni, parents, faculty and administrators that independent schools can and do create exceptional programs and facilities for the benefit of their students. Building and nurturing the relationships that give rise to successful fundraising efforts is important and specialized work. For this reason, it is increasingly common for boarding and day schools such as Choate, King, Exeter, and Noble & Greenough, to hire development professionals from the corporate sector. These individuals, whose varied backgrounds may include marketing, legal, corporate, or management expertise, must understand the fundraising goal of the institution and have the interpersonal and communications skills to promote it.

If you are interested in learning more about careers in institutional advancement at independent schools, an organization like Educator’s Ally can help. For over forty years, EA’s team of placement managers has been helping private schools find top talent in all areas of school administration, including fundraising and development. To find out more, visit

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